Reed Diffusers: the insider tips

Our Reed Diffusers are my current obsession.

To be honest, I had never purchased a diffuser for myself before I started product development on our own. The more I experienced them, though, the more I wanted to kick myself for not discovering them sooner. 

To help share my evangelical love of reed diffusers, I'm sharing my favorite tips and tricks in hopes you'll fall in love with them too.

standard wax reed diffuser ceramic reed diffuser

1. Reed Diffusers are great in any size room. Ours come with 8 reeds - which is a dream for larger spaces. Great news for tiny rooms, though: simply remove a few of the reeds until you're getting the amount of fragrance you're looking for.

standard wax reed diffuser ceramic reed diffuser

2. I might be a little biased, but I think our Standard Wax Diffusers are the best looking ones out there. Instead of hiding it behind your spare towels on a shelf in the bathroom, make a statement with it. Its meant to be a piece of art and it will add so much to your decor!

standard wax reed diffuser ceramic reed diffuser

3. Repurpose! Like everything else we create, these vessels are made to be reused. Whether you grab an oil refill (shop here) and keep using it as a diffuser, or take the vessel with you on a picnic in the woods where you use it to hold loose branches (the more logical option) there's no reason this baby should ever end up in a landfill. 

standard wax reed diffuser ceramic reed diffuser

4. The most obvious thing (but some people just aren't super familiar with diffusers!) is that reed diffusers release fragrance 24/7. You don't have to light a candle. You don't have spray a room spray. Your house will smell amazing, and you don't have to do a thing. This one is a surefire way to impress people when they walk into your house. Just sayin.

You can check out our entire line of diffusers here, and enjoy feeling like a put-together and responsible adult with your great smelling, effortless home!

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