Retiring Fragrances:  What's going away and when

Retiring Fragrances: What's going away and when

The changing of seasons is magical for a lot of reasons, but my favorite thing is experiencing all of the new scents that are ushered in with a new time of year. Each spring we celebrate by launching some special seasonal fragrances that truly encapsulate this wonderful season.

But before we can announce what's coming next, it's time to say goodbye to our current lineup of seasonal favorites, what I like to call our Mood Collection of scents.

standard wax happy candle

Retiring on 4/24:

Spiced Chai

Head over to the candle builder now and snag your favorites before we tuck them away until next January!

standard wax custom candles

These fragrances never let us down, especially during a time when scents that help our mood are more important than ever. I'll sure miss the, but always remember... they'll be back next year!

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