Really, Really Good Taste: Kaylee Nedley

Really, Really Good Taste: Kaylee Nedley

I won't try to play it cool and pretend like Kaylee isn't one of my best friends and favorite people in the entire world. That said, it's a total honor to share this profile highlighting all of the ways she has really, really good taste.

My favorite part about this series is how it showcases that "good taste" doesn't have a specific look or aesthetic. It's different for everyone. What I love about Kaylee is how she brings her love of finding treasures into her home and her business. Read on for more about what makes Kaylee so incredibly cool!

Full Name: Kaylee Nedley

Age: 28

Where do you live? Uptown Phoenix

What do you do? 
I own and operate Iconic Cocktail Co. with my fiance, Matt Farrow. We make small batch cocktails mixers for the home bar. I mostly manage our brand, social media, and unique content for our blog. 

How do you bring art into your everyday?
I believe that my taste has been 100% influenced by dad. He’s a creative thrifter who buys junk from weird shops (or literally dumpster dives for it) and turns it into something really cool. The majority of the pieces around my home are from his collection or things I’ve made myself that are fully inspired by him. So I guess I find things that are not considered art, and turn them into something special (or take credit for the stuff my dad made.) For example, I have a giant chalkboard calendar that is pretty much (unintentionally) the center of attention in our apartment. This thing is huge and heavy...and it has moved with me three or four times. My dad will curse me up and down every time I ask him to help move it because it was just a piece of junk he found years ago. Every time he groans, “THAT THING AGAIN? I have it move that THING again? Why don’t we just throw it in the alley, back where it came from!” And I refuse to part with it. It’s covered with sentiment and magnets. 

What gets you excited about life?
I am always excited about the future. I love planning or looking ahead. I’m excited about traveling and exploring new places. I like planning for my business and thinking about how that will grow. I’m excited to be a cool old lady. 

What’s one thing you do to totally relax?
I hate to say it but I really love crawling into bed and binge-watching an old favorite on Netflix. 

If you could only shop from three brands for the rest of your life, they’d be:
American Eagle for clothes. Probably Apple for electronics. And Proper Beast for food. They’re a local meat company who happens to be my neighbor at the Farmers Market. They make the most incredible provisions. It wouldn’t be a well-balanced diet but it’s worth it. 

Why is good design important to you? It’s important to me because it’s almost always reliable. I need something that will work on the first try without a ton of researching. I know my iPhone or MacBook will last. I wear jeans for years and years before needing new ones. 

What’s something unique about you, that most people wouldn’t know?
I really love playing pool. If I didn’t have to be a responsible adult, I would be bar hopping and making my living hustle tables.

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