Really, Really Good Taste: Malori Maeva

Really, Really Good Taste: Malori Maeva

When it comes to long-time supporters of Standard Wax and people who truly embody what we're all about - bringing art into your everyday - Malori ranks pretty high on the list. It's only fitting that she's the first in a new blog series featuring people who have really, really good taste. 

Malori creates beauty for a living as a florist, but her great sense of style and eye for design extend so much further than just her job. Here's hoping that reading a little more about Malori inspires you to bring a little art into your daily life!

Full Name: Malori Maeva

Age: 28

Where do you live? Phoenix

What do you do?  I’m a florist!

How do you bring art into your everyday?
I am one of the lucky ones who have built a life around art being in my every day. Outside of my flower studio, I’ve built my surroundings from pieces that tell a story. I think that people often get stuck in thinking of art, only as paintings you’d hang on a gallery wall. The art in my space comes in so many different forms and some of my favorite pieces of art are very functional items. My le creuset pans in my kitchen are stunning and I use them every day. The floral apron I wear at work is a handcrafted linen apron that equally beautiful and practical. When I’m making a purchase, I often seek out a more unique twist on an item that I would be proud to display on my counter because I want to make my life just a bit more beautiful.

What gets you excited about life?
A few years ago the rug was swept out from under my life when I lost my dad to cancer. It completely reframed the way I viewed life and gave immense value to the small moments that are often overlooked. Days when I wake up without an alarm and get to snuggle my dog get me excited. Taking trips to strange places where I can shift my perspective for a bit get me excited. And, honestly, I feel most excited that I’ve gotten to create a life for myself where my work, my home, and the people I surround myself with bring me endless amounts of joy. That’s the most exciting thing of all.

What’s one thing you do to totally relax?
I love to find something a little tedious that I could absolutely buy at the store (bagels, pies, and even name brand treats like oreos or goldfish) and make a homemade version of it. I love that it’s an activity that requires my hands and attention so I’m not absorbed into the blue light of my phone endlessly scrolling. Plus, who doesn’t love a homemade bagel? Win/win.

Why is good design important to you?
I love that millennials are searching for ways to create a more sustainable lifestyle and I’m no exception to this rule. I love a well-designed item in my life because it often means I’m investing in something that will become an heirloom in my life. I happily spend the extra money for pieces that will last me a long time or that have multiple functions (ie: all of my old standard wax candles are now homes to plants). There’s something so special about the idea that someday my kids or grandkids will be the recipients of beautiful pieces from my life and they’ll get to add to the story that these items already hold.

What’s something unique about you, that most people wouldn’t know?
I love cemeteries. My mom grew up in a small town in Ohio and whenever we visited her family I was thrilled by all of the old graveyards peppered around town. I would always beg my grandmother to pull over so we could walk the aisles of headstones and before I could read, I would make her read them to me. A lot of people think of cemeteries as creepy but I have always found them to be so peaceful. It makes my heart full to see the ways people have honored their lost loved ones.

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