citrus and black currant candle by standard wax


Citrus + Black Currant is the scent that’s been with us the longest; our oldest child, if you will. Through the 4+ years Standard Wax has been around, we’ve gone through a lot of transitions. Somehow, Citrus + Black Currant has made it through them all. At one point, when we thought we had way too many product options that were overwhelming customers, we narrowed our line down to just two items (and one was Citrus + Black Currant).


Since we have horrible memories, it’s hard to say how this one originated. We wanted a citrus scent to remind us of summers in Phoenix when all of the orange, lemon and grapefruit trees are blooming and there’s never a shortage of fruit. This one was perfect. The black currant adds some heaviness to the scent, and subtle notes of greenery bring in the elements of those blooming citrus trees we love so much.


Citrus + Black Currant is a fan favorite a pretty solid choice if you’re buying a gift for someone. The fact that this scent has lasted through all of our ups and downs as a company is really saying a lot.

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