Sage + Pomegranate was one of our first attempts at recreating a scent from a candle that already existed. If you’ve ever tried to do this, you’ll know how difficult it is. If you haven’t, here’s a little analogy to help: You go to a restaurant and fall in love with their signature dish. You go home and think, I could make that, it looks so easy, and then I can have it all the time!


It’s not easy.


The process took us through months of iterations, and I think we ended up settling on what you see today because it smelled amazing (although it smells nothing like that inspiration candle did). Sage + Pomegranate is one of our favorite winter scents, with hints of clove and spices, but it’s also popular in the summer because of it’s fruity sweetness.


The goal was to make something sweet and spicy, and that goal was accomplished. And in the end, it’s exciting that we made something new that people love, instead of straight copying someone else’s fragrance.

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