See the good in all

See the good in all

See the good in all.

This is a really old photo from a wonderful collaborator @monfriese, but I find myself coming back to it often. It applies to so many aspects of life, and I know we could all use the reminder from time to time. 

I'm in a season in life where a lot of things don't make sense and it's easy to focus on all of the things that are hard or that aren't going exactly how I'd planned. It takes a lot of energy to bring my mind back to all of the good things, but when I do everything becomes clear.

Owning a business means there will always be unknowns - trends shift, markets change, and things can happen in your personal life that change the trajectory of your business, too. Seeing the good in these situations can help ground you and remind you why you're doing what you do. For me, the "why" is simple: I run my own business because I value autonomy, flexibility and creativity. I was never fulfilled in my pervious jobs and always knew there was more I could be doing to fill my cup up with these values that mattered most.

Of course finding something that fills you up comes with it's own set of challenges, too. It can be terrifying being 100% responsible for your financial security (especially with a new baby on the way). No one is giving me a paycheck every two weeks. I have to make sure that money is there and I'm in charge of making it. If we have a bad month, I don't get paid. That's scary.

Markets and trends changing is also scary. When Standard Wax started in 2011, no one was making candles in ceramic vessels. We were the only ones. Since then, the number of candle companies has EXPLODED. It's a market that's taken even me by surprise. The competition is fierce, and what we do isn't incredibly unique anymore. It can be hard at times to keep pressing forward when several other companies are doing exactly what you're doing. How do we keep our brand special? How do we set ourselves apart?

Though all of these trials, though, I try to remember the good. I think about the fact that I'm even here writing about this at noon on a Wednesday. I relish in my ability to pop out for a lunch date or doctor's appointment without having to ask anyone's permission. I'm thankful everyday that I can be creative and express myself, all while having enough spare time to dedicate to the people I love.

No matter where you're at in life, I hope this little image reminds you to see the good. 

standard wax candles - bringing art into your everyday

standard wax candles - bringing art into your everyday

standard wax candles + letterfolk


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