Setting the Scene for a Summer Book Club with Standard Wax’s Beloved Fragrances.

Setting the Scene for a Summer Book Club with Standard Wax’s Beloved Fragrances.

As it slows down this summer, it’s time to open a book. For us in Phoenix, Arizona, the heat spikes and you can find us by the pool or on a beach vacation to cool down. So, wanna join our book club this summer? Spoiler: there are no meetings and zero pressure to read the books. 

If you are looking for recommendations or a book buddy, check out the three books we can’t wait to get lost in - with a good smelling candle nearby, of course. 

Treating (and re-treating) myself with Guillaume Wolf’s You Are Message, rounded out with Standard Wax’s spa-like fragrance, White Tea +Thyme. 

Every summer, I try to re-read this book of passages and inspirational reminders. Possibly one of my favorite books of all time, this book fuels me to tackle the upcoming busy season. It reminds me to slow down, take care of myself, and fully recharge my batteries. While re-reading it this summer, I’ll be burning a White Tea and Thyme candle to round out my moment of pause. With notes of lemongrass, white tea, and freshly picked garden herbs, Standard Wax’s White Tea and Thyme fragrance reminds me to treat myself because…I am a message. 

Figuratively sharing a citrusy cocktail with Jessi Kelin while reading I’ll Show Myself Out with Standard Wax’s Grapefruit Mint candle. 

After the season we have ALL experienced, some levity is well deserved. This summer, I’ll definitely be reading Jessi Kelin’s second essay set about midlife and motherhood. There is nothing like feeling connected with someone through the pages of a book. That is what I’m anticipating while reading I’ll Show Myself Out. I’m hoping it will feel like reconnecting with a long-lost friend over a summer beverage, especially with Standard Wax’s bright and citrusy Grapefruit Mint candle burning in the background.

Layers and layers of bold spice in Standard Wax’s Sandalwood + Black Pepper paired with layers and layers of family drama in We Are the Brennans by Tracy Lange.

For our last summer read, we’re going for a novel. I am obsessed with any book that follows a family through multiple generations. According to the summary, “We Are the Brennans explores the staying power of shame — and the redemptive power of love — in an Irish Catholic family torn apart by secrets.” This kind of generational drama calls for a bold and spicy scent like Standard Wax’s Sandalwood + Black Pepper fragrance. A blend that feels cozy and luxurious, this scent has notes of ginger, peppercorn, tobacco leaf, and teakwood. Layers and layers of fragrances to go with layers and layers of twists and turns in this summer read. 

What are you reading this summer? If you join us on our book journey, drop us a message! We would love to hear about your books and of course, what Standard Wax fragrance you’ll lit to get fully lost in the moment.

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