Standard Wax


“As our sense of place grows stronger, it becomes essential to just let it be. Time enjoyed in solitude creates the space we need to let life’s wildness in. The sense of balance we strive for comes into focus when we spend our days with intent. Hours as precious as these are best lived generously and with care.”

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co pretty much sums up our philosophy on life in their latest catalog, and we’re thrilled to be a small part of their spring release. The shops, located in Portland, OR and New York, NY (as well as online) offer wonderful vintage inspired lifestyle wares, domestic utility goods, and various types of lighting fixtures, lamps, and chandeliers.

In their Spring catalog, titled “Chaos + Calm”,  Schoolhouse is focusing on finding a happy medium between embracing the chaos and valuing the calm in their homes and lives. While lingering through the pages, and wishing we could teleport to the Oregon coast, we look forward to this summer’s crazy moments, quiet evenings, everything in between.

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