Taking Over Standard Wax!

Taking Over Standard Wax!


It’s time I introduce myself as the new owner of Standard Wax! I have loved jumping right into this amazing business that Sam created 11 years ago. I know Standard Wax has had such a great following for a long time, so I wanted to make sure I started to feel less like a stranger and more like a new friend.

Where to begin..I am originally from the east coast and proud to be from Hoboken, NJ. I loved growing up across from Manhattan and living off seriously great Italian food. I moved into the city once I graduated from college and started working in retail at Anthropologie. I loved every second of its fast pace energy and the real life business crash course it gave. I learned so much invaluable experience about people, processes, budgets, sales, and visual presentation. I swear I learned something new every day!

After I met my now husband, we moved to Toronto and California for his job. I LOVED living in new places and when Covid hit we decided it was time to really focus on a longer-term move. I left Anthropologie and focused on renovating our new house in Carefree, AZ. We had flipped our house in California and loved the design process so much we wanted to keep it going. Shortly after it was completed, we had our daughter Pepper! I loved and appreciated spending time at home with her and around 6 months really wanted to start to figure out what was next for me.

While renovating our house, I had worked for my friend who launched her own business. I realized how much I enjoyed the process of applying everything I learned from my past and translating it into a small business. When my friend Lisa, who previously worked for Sam and Standard Wax told me about it being available to buy, I immediately reached out. Candles have felt part of my past and small business has felt like the focus for my future, so I knew something big could come of this.

As our conversations progressed, I realized how excited I was getting and couldn’t wait till Sam told me she wanted to move forward! I have felt very lucky to take this over and have dived right in with Tiernan, our operations manager. 

We have LOTS in store for Standard Wax in 2023!!!

- We are expanding and revamping our White Label Menu for businesses who want to design and create their own signature candles.

- We are honing in and perfecting our Corporate Gifting Menu for business that want to give custom branded candles, easily.

- Most importantly for all of you, we are going big with Standard Wax signature candles and set for lots of new launches this year. Expect our new specialty drop to hit in March. Think old favorite meets new. 

I can’t wait to meet and hear from more of you. Please follow us along @StandardWax and always feel free to reach out to me liz@standardwax.com.



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