The Ideal Candle for You, Based on Your Astrological Sign

The Ideal Candle for You, Based on Your Astrological Sign

Our Custom Candle Builder has so many choices to create the candle that is just right for you. With literally 900 options, it can be hard to find a place to start.

But have no fear, because your candle horoscope is here! Read on to check out the candle that is astrologically ideal for you.

Amber Apothecary Jar | "Light Up the Darkness" label | Gold Metal Lid | Citrus + Black Currant Fragrance

The perfect candle for the energetic and pioneering Aries.

You bring an energetic nature to the zodiac- naturally- as the first house. Like the trailblazer you are, this candle has the perfect combination of the fresh scent of Citrus + Black Currant and a statement that encourages your bold spirit to blaze through the darkness. Design it here!

Clear Apothecary Jar | "Light This Candle" label | Black Metal Lid | Fireside Fragrance
Taurus, this is the candle for you!
Taurus, you are the most reliable sign of them all and the security that you bring can create a calmness that everyone needs. Your candle is made with the logical combination of black and white and brings the warmth and coziness of the Fireside fragrance.  Build this look here!

The Scent Kit
This is exactly what you need, Gemini.

Gemini, no one can match your bright vibe. Too many choices can definitely weigh you down, though. As one of the most versatile signs we know that making the right choice can take time. That's why The Scent Kit is perfect for you- tealight sized samples of every scent we offer, along with a $30 gift card to use toward building your perfect candle. Check it out here!

Black Tumbler | "Navy Lady" label | Green Thumb Fragrance
This one is for you, Cancer!
Who is more nurturing and empathetic than you, Cancer? Filled with the Green Thumb fragrance that highlights your uncanny ability to help living things thrive and labeled with a deep pensive blue hue this candle is the perfect candle for you.  You can make it right here!

Clear Apothecary Jar | "Creativity Never Goes Out of Style" label | Gold Metal Lid | Citrus + Black Currant Fragrance 
Never going out of style just like you, Leo!
As one of the most bold signs of the zodiac, you Leo deserve a fragrance to match your enthusiastic nature! This bright candle has the ultra popular Citrus + Black Currant fragrance and the ideal label that catches everyone's eye while letting the world see how you value your creative side.  Build this look here!

White Tumbler | "Black and White Squiggle" label | Bergamot + Basil
The idea candle for you, Virgo!
Out of all the signs in the zodiac no one pays more attention to detail than you, Virgo! You are meticulous, and this candle label shows that you pay attention to what you bring into your life. The wax is clean burning (like all of our wax) and it's scent, Bergamot + Basil is motivating, just like you!  Create it here!

White Tumbler | "Green Lady" label | Saguaro Blossom Fragrance
Which is more romantic? This candle or you, dear Libra?
Saguaro cactus blossoms only open at night when the desert comes to life and the stars and moon are shining. Could there be a more perfect scent for the sociable you, Libra? This candle screams romanticism just as you do amongst the other zodiac signs!  Build this look here!

Cozy + Calm Bundle 
Cozy + Calm for you, Scorpio.
Your passionate and intuitive nature helps you to dig in to discover more about the world, Scorpio. Exactly like you, this "Comfy Cozy" candle is more than just what is visible on the surface. The best part: this bundle comes with two candles so you can share your passion for awesome things with someone you care about! Find it here.

Amber Apothecary Jar | "Rainbow" label | Gold Metal Lid | Fireside Fragrance
Optimistic and philosophical. Just like you, Sagittarius.
As the adventurer of the Zodiac, your candle reflects your optimistic but philosophical nature, Sagittarius. The cheerful "Rainbow" pairs with the Fireside fragrance reminiscent of deep conversations next to a warm fire. Build this look here!

Clear Apothecary Jar | "Navy Blobs" label | Unscented
For you, Capricorn!
This candle is everything a Capricorn could want: practical and beautiful. The simple beauty of this candle is far from flashy and its scent free wax makes it purposeful and unfussy. Undistracted by fragrances or complicated labels, this candle keeps the focus you crave, Capricorn! Create this look here!

Black Tumbler | "Limited Edition Stay Home Loud Snaps Creative" label | Whiskey + Fig FragranceThis ones for you, Aquarius.
Ever the advocate for justice, Aquarius, this "Stay Home" label speaks to your humanitarian side. You are also a very innovative sign, always ready to embrace something new. The Whiskey + Fig fragrance brings a fresh perspective to candle scents that a contemporary like you will love! Find it here.

The Green Thumb
Pisces + Green Thumb = perfection!
Imaginative Pisces, we know there is nothing you love more than a detailed day dream or a leisurely walk through a museum gallery. This label speaks to your creative nature with a scent that brings a peaceful and relaxing energy to your life. Check it out, here!


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