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The importance of IRL connections

I think the internet is a wonderful place - sometimes. It serves a purpose, and a lot of people are using it for good. I fear sometimes that online connections are starting to outweigh the ones we should be cultivating in real life, though. 

And that becomes sad. The human brain needs this connection with other people, and I don't think we're getting the stimulation we need from Instagram comments alone.

That's why I love Lumitory. Their mission is to encourage those real life connections through products and stories we can all benefit from. And they don't just scoff at the internet and ignore it completely. They're using their online platforms to help drive their mission home, and that's what it should be about, right?

Their Gathering Box is such a fun idea for your next night in with good friends. It contains everything you need to host a dinner at home with good food, music and conversation. Doesn't that sound like a way better night than sitting on your couch scrolling the gram?

We were lucky enough to attend one of their dinners and provide some candles to help set the mood. The photos from Constance Mariena and Kate Nelle make me want to recreate that night over and over...

So I challenge you to do something meaningful in real life this weekend. What's it gonna be?!

standard wax + lumitory dinner

standard wax + lumitory

standard wax + lumitory

standard wax + lumitory

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