The perfect recipe for a fall night in

The perfect recipe for a fall night in

Chilly nights can make you want to cozy up with a blanket and a movie and spend your weekends tucked in at home. We're here with everything you need for the perfect fall night in!

1. The right movie
My favorite flick for some fall vibes is always When Harry Met Sally.  Its pretty much the romantic comedy, especially this time of year. There's nothing like a classic movie to set the tone for your perfect night in.

when harry met sally

2. A cozy (yet refreshing) cocktail
A go-to is always a hot-toddy, but sometimes a hot cocktail just doesn't do the trick like a cold one. Thankfully the wonderful people over at Iconic Cocktail have you covered with their Iced Spiced Toddy! Get the full recipe here.

iconic cocktail iced spiced toddy


3. The right candle
A cozy night at home is far from cozy without candles. A few suggestions to set the perfect mood: 
Fireside - this scent will make you feel like you're sitting around the fireplace in a cozy cabin in the woods... without ever leaving your couch!
Grateful - one of the newest additions to the Mood Collection is supposed to instantly transport you Fall, with notes of clean incense and subtle pumpkin. Get those Sunday baking vibes without having to lift a finger.

standard wax candles grateful mood collection


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