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Throwback Bundles: What To Expect

Limited-Edition Throwback Bundles will be live for email subscribers on Tuesday, 7/21 at 9am. These special products are from the glory days of Standard Wax and I'm filled with a lot of feelings being able to share them with you now! Quantities will be super limited, so be sure too set a reminder if there's something you just can't live without.

To make your shopping experience go quickly and smoothly, I'm sharing the products that will be available now so you can plan your cart ahead of time! Happy shopping and I'll see you back here Tuesday for the launch!


As an homage to the wild ride of the past nine years, we're offering limited-edition bundles featuring some classic Standard Wax products.

Act quickly to get your hands on one of four bundles featuring a Classic 10.5oz Ceramic candle and a Classic 4oz Room Spray.

Available Fragrances: 
was one of the first blends we developed from scratch and brings me back to nights in the woods around a campfire. It's perfect for summer nights when you'd love to be transported to somewhere where the stars are visible and all you hear is the rustling of trees and the crackling of fire.

Whiskey + Fig is the perfect blend of earthy, deep, and sweet. It's unisex and perfect for any room and any mood. This scent is my go-to for nights reading at home alone on the couch.

Grapefruit Mint was our Classic line's best-selling summer scent! Sweet and fresh, tangy and bright - imagine sitting on a patio enjoying drinks with good friends in the summer sun (pretty much a fantasy these days, so why not let your sense of smell transport you there?).

Saguaro Blossom is our cult-favorite desert scent. Sweet and sugary, we took inspiration from the native Saguaro cactus which will bloom each year in the Spring. You'll find notes of agave nectar and sweet cactus fruit, plus and earthiness to keep things balanced.

standard wax throwback bundles

standard wax throwback bundles

standard wax throwback bundles

standard wax throwback bundles

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