Valentine's Day: what in the world will you do?

Valentine's Day. People love it or they hate it. I fall somewhere in the middle, I think. I'm all about showing some love, but I can't really get behind the forced event on my calendar to do so. But regardless of which side of the V-Day aisle you sit on, February 14th is still going to happen (and if it doesn't we'll have bigger things to stress about, I guess).

To help us all make the most of a day meant to shower the people we love with love, here are some ideas for just about anyone this Valentine's Day:


  1. Married or basically married? Dinner is usually an assumed part of any date, but try planning something unexpected, like an outdoor picnic. I'm realizing now that this only applies to those of you over in the part of the country where it isn't' frigid right now. Oops. But really, who's to say you can't have a picnic on your living room floor?! If you are lucky enough to go this route, don't forget to make it candlelit!
  2. Would you rather spend V-Day with your BFF's than some rando you found on a dating app? While your friends probably won't buy you dinner, they also won't finish the evening by sending you unwanted messages that force you to turn your phone off so you can try to sleep off all of the wine you had to drink to make it through dinner without nodding off. There's nothing better than a Galentines Day celebration where you and your friends get dressed up for no one but yourselves and shower each other with compliments over delicious food and drinks. My friends and I recently did just that for a late Christmas celebration, and I can say it was very fun (at least, the parts I remember).
  3. Wanna just be alone? Can I suggest lighting all of the candles and starting a new, old TV show? The West Wing and Gossip Girl come highly recommended from this camp, as well as Postmates or Uber Eats.

As for me, I'll be at a tradeshow in Vegas on Valentine's Day, and my husband has been out of town for basically the past 604 months. Like any normal person in this situation, I'll be seeing the Backstreet Boys at Planet Hollywood on the ole V-Day.

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