White Label and Custom Candles

Option 1, White Label: This is the perfect option for anyone who wants to create and/or sell their own dream candle. Whether you own a store, a restaurant, interior design business, have a perfume line, or just need bulk gifts... the list goes on, this is the perfect route for you! Because this option is for people or businesses that usually already have their brand aesthetic, we can really customize what we offer to find the perfect look and scent.

Continue down to see a brief overview of the process, our offerings, and previous work. Don't have time? Contact us using the link below.


Option 2, Corporate Gifting: Bulk gifting is the perfect option for companies that want to gift custom candles and send in one shipment to one address. This is great for: Conferences, Party Favors / Swag Bags Employee Gifts, Design Firms, Giveaways / Prizes. This is the most cost effective option! 

Gifting Concierge: This option was made for companies that can't store bulk candles and don't want to deal with shipping individually to clients.


Where to Start

Matching a Brand Aesthetic- Send us all your inspiration! Send us your branding and any ideas, needs, and/or wants you have. It is a great place for us to start and customize our offer for you. This is a streamlined way of getting us to the perfect options.

Need Inspiration? Email us at info@standardwax.com to see our full menu of classics and best sellers. Don't know where you want to start? This is a great place! 



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