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This is the perfect option for anyone who wants to create and/or sell their own dream candle. Whether you own a store, a restaurant, interior design business, have a perfume line, or just need bulk gifts... the list goes on, this is the perfect route for you! Because this option is for people or businesses that usually already have their brand aesthetic, we can really customize what we offer to find the perfect look and scent.

Continue down to see a brief overview of the process, our offerings, and previous work. Don't have time? Contact us using the link below.

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Where to Start

Matching a Brand Aesthetic- Send us all your inspiration! Send us your branding and any ideas, needs, and/or wants you have. It is a great place for us to start and customize our offer for you. This is a streamlined way of getting us to the perfect options.

Need Inspiration? Email us at info@standardwax.com to see our full menu of classics and best sellers. Don't know where you want to start? This is a great place! 

White Label

The Process

Step 1: Dream and Plan

Start thinking about inspiration, materials, size, and scent varieties that you may want. The more thoughts you have the easier it is for us to find exactly what you are looking for!

Step 2: Choose a Vessel

Choose from our library of curated vessels or we can source the perfect match for you. Knowing what size and material you want really help narrow the search down.

Step 3: Choose a Scent

You will receive our scent kit of 1 Standard Fragrances to choose from.
If you don't find one you love, we absolutely can create one for you. If you want to go the route of a custom scent pricing starts at $500.

Step 4: Label Design

Once your vessel is choosen, we discuss label options for your print-ready design. If you need help with design, reach out for a quote.

Step 5: Choose Your Add-ons

Once your candle is complete (scent, vessel, and label) we can dive into the world of details. Do you want a box, a dust cover, a lid? All things will be discussed at this step.

Step 6: Enjoy!

We handle all the pouring, labeling, and shipping. So you are all ready to go!
Turn around time is about 3-4 weeks depending on time of year. Need it in a rush? Talk to us about expediting your order.


    Our #1 seller! This is our smallest capacity of the offerings but such a staple vessel. This comes with your choice color lid: white, black, or gold.


    This 9 oz. glass tumbler is the smallest and thinest glass. It's sleek and classic with a great price point. This style has a glossy finish.


    This 12 oz. glass vessel is one of our most popular and has a ton of color options! This vessel has a thin metal top add-on option in: black, white, and gold.


    All the colors that our classic collection comes in. Don't see what you want. We can customize any pantone color!


    This 12 oz. ceramic vessel gives more of an artisan feel and slightly heavier look.

    This vessel has a sleek satin finish that is a great in between the other glossy and matte options.


    Made of 50% recycled glass this model feels substantial and will definitely leave a big impression. We LOVE the color options this collections offers.

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