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Wholesale with Standard Wax

standard wax candles - wholesale

Do you have a kick-ass store that needs unique products on the shelves? We've got you!

Take a look at this document to get the ball rolling! Still have questions or thoughts you'd like to chat through? It would  be an honor. Simply email info@standardwax.com.

standard wax candles - wholesale info

We give you all of the pieces you need to create the products of your dreams.  Our wholesale candle program fixes this problem:

"I love that one! Does it come in that other scent?"
"Oh, that one would be perfect if it was white instead of black, is that an option?"
"Is there a black lid for that one?"
... and on and on forever

We heard you, and we're here to help. Get the candle that's just right for your shop using our well-curated components. 

standard wax candles - wholesale info

Looking to take it a step further and create something totally custom? Check out this page for information on our fully custom candles and private label candles!