A letter from our Founder

A letter from our Founder

Well, here we are: a brand new iteration of this little business I’ve built, grown and fallen in and out of love with (more than once) over the past seven years.

When I set out on this rebrand of sorts, I didn’t really know what the end goal was. Instead, I gave myself some time and space to explore what I loved, what I wanted to see in the world and how I wanted our products to make people feel. Where I landed wasn’t actually very far off from where we started: bringing art into your everyday.

My new mission is to infuse art and design into everything we touch moving forward, so I hope you’re ready for a beautiful ride. 

I’m really excited and proud of what we’ve built here for so many reasons, but here are a few of my favorites:

It’s innovative. Gone are the days where you have to settle. Explore our Candle Builder and become empowered to create exactly what you want, using our perfectly curated components to design the candle of your dreams and truly bring art into your everyday.

It’s inspiring. I want to start a larger conversation about art, design and the beauty in the world. Let’s talk museums, favorite artists, people who are doing rad things, the best travel destinations and more.

We’re doing good. I’m thrilled to be setting aside 10% of the profits from every candle built for art-focused charities. We have some exciting partnerships in the works, so be sure to watch this space in the coming months for details.

Are you ready to join me and bring art into your everyday? I’d really love that. Here’s how you can be a part of the community:

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