New Website

New Website

Hello again! 

I hope you have had a chance to check out our new site. For a novice, that is just beginning to learn all things Shopify: pages, templates, themes, navigation, the list of overwhelming going on and on. The key to success is always don't give up...I think?!

I was feeling really good about myself till Friday at 4:30pm. Glass of wine ready, feeling bold and added a video to the website. Till I went to refresh and the whole site was gone. I really did it and actually thought I broke the site. I thought I became a guru until I realized I had actually no idea what to do. I was chatting with two experts and they were asking me questions with words I had never heard. Screen record my computer? A little personal if you ask me. 


Anyway, I learned the hard way that you have to pay for your domain. Once again, another learned step into this whole 'taking over a business thing'. I paid GoDaddy for as long as I could to never have to worry about this again. All is fixed! 


So why did I redo the site... no one asked. I wanted to really breakdown the 3 branches our Standard Wax: our retail line 'The Standard' (coming in April), White Label, and Corporate Gifting. The last two have been a huge part of Standard Wax's business and so I wanted to really dive in and expand the offerings. Each section now has a full breakdown of the process, our offers, order minimums, and an easy way to reach out to us for pricing. 

Any small business, conference, heck even teachers gifts or party favors are SO easy to get done. A personalized gift that is sure to be a hit! 

Visit each of our main pages to learn more about your options and what we can do.


Month 1 in the books! 


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