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Top Questions From Our Insta Live
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Top Questions From Our Insta Live

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With the recent launch of the candle builder, we wanted to make sure you all knew exactly what was happening over here in Build Your Own Candle land! The idea of the Candle Builder is to empower you to create something JUST RIGHT for your tastes and home. So we developed a way for you to do just that. We like to think that we've disrupted the candle industry - turned it right on its head! And with that comes questions - so here are the top questions you all asked during our recent Instagram live q+a! 

Why the sudden change in direction?
Oh, we wish we could say the change was sudden, but it's been in the works for at least a year now! If you've ever shopped for a candle, you know that there are nearly limitless options. You probably also noticed that most of them are all the same. We love making candles and weren't ready to bow out of the game - though it was tempting to give up in the face of overwhelming competition and the struggle to create something new in a super-saturated market.

So instead, we disrupted the saturated candle market and handed the creative reins over to YOU, our customers with really, really good taste. Our mission has always been to bring art into your everyday, and our new Candle Builder does just that by empowering you to create the custom candle of your dreams.

We want to help you see the beauty in the world by sharing our favorite art, interiors, architecture, graphic design and more. 

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I want to buy a bunch of candles - can I do that? What about fully custom candles?
Yes, and we have great news for you! Bulk order discounts start at just 15 pieces. Shoot us an email with what you’re looking to order and we’ll get you squared away super-fast. Looking for some next-level candles? We also offer fully custom and private label services!

I used to love this scent and now I don’t see it on your site. Is it gone forever?
Oh, don’t fret. Most of the scents you know and love will be coming back seasonally! Keep an eye on your inbox (make sure you’re subscribed to our emails!) or Instagram for details on all new releases (scents, limited-edition labels and vessels and more!).

standard wax custom candles

I’m kind of overwhelmed. Where should I start?
We have something just for people like you - our Ready to Ship section of custom candles! Some of our favorite combinations have been curated here for you to browse - no overwhelm, no problem.

How many combinations are there, really?
Right now there are 999! Yes, one short of 1000. Can you even fathom that? 999 different ways to build the candle of your dreams. Get on it!


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How long does production take? Is each candle really made to order?
Yes! We make every single candle to order. That means our small team handles every aspect of your candle with so much love and care. We try our best to get all orders out the door within about 5 days of ordering. If you need an order quicker, you can always add on expedited production in the Candle Builder! Or if you’re in a REAL hurry, you can buy a digital gift card that’ll be delivered to your inbox instantly!

How often will the components in the Candle Builder change?
Great question. Some are there for the long-haul. Our tried and true pieces and fragrances aren’t going anywhere. Some exciting new additions will pop up at least every month though. Keep an eye on your inbox or Instagram to know when new (usually limited-edition!) stuff is launching.

standard wax custom candles

Have a question that wasn't answered here? You can always shoot us an email to and we'll be sure to take great care of you. You can also check out our Common Questions pages for more details on what we're all about.