Yes, you can still sell something that no one else has.

Yes, you can still sell something that no one else has.

Oh, the wonderful world of retail. 

Here at Standard Wax, we got our start on the wholesale side of things. I was able to see firsthand how important it was to select items for your shop that were unique; things your customers couldn't find anywhere else. That always got me thinking... how great would it be to *guarantee* that no one else would be selling the same candles as you?

Some of my favorite projects have been custom candles or private label candles for small shops and boutiques. With competition at obscene levels, being able to help a store owner or creative director create the perfect custom candle for their shop made me feel all of the warm fuzzies.

Over the years we've had the pleasure of doing countless co-branded and private label candles for some of the best independent shops in the country, like these beauts from Zane Boutique. 

If you own a shop or are a buyer, let's chat! I'd love to bring your vision to life and help guarantee that your neighbors won't pick up the same candles you're carrying. You can get the conversation started here:

private label candles and custom candles by standard wax

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